Parties and rentals

Here at Humboldt Paintball we are a Community of players that want everyone to have fun and be able to afford to come out and play.  As such We have chosen to charge a per person rental fee of $40.  This rental fee covers A Azodin Paintball Marker, Hopper, Tank, Mask, 500 Paintballs, Field entry and all day Compressed Air fills. (we do not fill Co2 tanks but PICKY PICKY PICKY in eureka will gladly do it). The rental marker is yours for the whole day all you need to do is after you use your first bag of paint just buy another. I also rent out compressed air tanks for $5. Extra paint can be purchased for 55$ a case (2000 paintballs) or $15 for a bag (500paintballs).  Everyone must sign a waiver, if a child is playing, they and a parent or guardian over the age of 18 must both sign.
**If you can not afford to play we love work trades come reff a few games or build on the field. 
Parties we charge the same rental fee of $40 a person. We can accommodate up to 20 people in a party at a time. If most of your party is under the age of 16 we recommend having a few extra adults on hand.  The recommended age is 8 years old and over, but if dressed appropriately every one can play pain free.  Birthday Boys and Girls always receive a free t-shirt and sticker If your party is over 4 people, please call and lock in your date as soon as you can. Our spots fill up fast and telling a kid on their birthday that there no more markers left for them to play with will be the Parents responsibility. When and if you do decide to have your party with us, a non-refundable deposit of $100 will need to be put down to lock in your party date.
Proper Attire
I always believe in dressing in layers in Humboldt and Paintball is no different. Base layers of t-shirt and sweats and jeans. Lose and layered is the key here.  Cleats are nice to have.  A few bandannas for around the neck and over the forehead. Gloves are always good.  Always bring extra socks and sweats or pants and a clean hoody or shirt( HK makes our amazing paint and it is 100% boiodegradeable it is safe for every one and everything). I do have some of my old paintball pants, jerseys and pod packs that I lone out at the field, first come first serve. I am always buying and selling equipment. If you need or want anything I’m your girl.
(Bring your own Paint)
If you’re lucky enough to have your own equipment it is $10 to play which you can get out of by helping set up in the morning or helping close in the evening. Cases of paint is always and will always be $55 .
If you have your own paint and your own gear $20 for the day and your good to go.  

  1.  Smart Parts Shocker
    Smart Parts Shocker
    full/auto/PSP 10.5 bps
  2.    Spyder Aggressor
    Spyder Aggressor
  3.     Smart Parts ION
    Smart Parts ION
    Full auto/ Ramping
  4.      Dye M2 and R2
    Dye M2 and R2
    Brand new to 2016 this is my personal setup given to me by Dye Paintball . Help support our field and get to use one of the newest setups on the market.