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Saturday and Sunday 11 ish to sundown
Starting June 21 we are going to be open Wednesdays 11-6pm 
We will be open wednesdays until school starts again.

summer is paintball season and we will be closed the fallowing dates for tourniments 
April 7th and 8th  CLOSED
May 19th , 20 CLOSED
June  9th and 10th CLOSED
July 15th CLOSED
August 18th and 19th CLOSED

SUMMER CLINICS:  A lway s call and reserve a spot 

Spring Break 10am-5pm -$160
June 27-29th 10am-5pm -$160
July 18th -20th 10am-5pm -$160
August 22ed-24th 10am-5pm -$160


Saturday and sunday 11 ish to sundown
we run  rain or shine 

WINTER CLINICS:  Always call and reserve a spot   

Presidents week 10am- 5pm -$160
Winter Break 10am-5pm -$160

If you want to do a private party and there are more than 10 people attending we will be open any day of the week for you.