The main focus of Humboldt Paintball Community is to build a sence of brother hood through the power of recreation. We provide a fast-paced, adrenaline-filled environment where you can develop your skills in combat. Safety is our main concern, but having an amazing experience and making memories is our priority.
       Paintball has been around our little town for about 20 years.  My family and I are trying to bring this life changing sport back in to the light with lots of love, sweat and tears.  
The Owners
       We are the owners of HPC! Travis and I have two and a half  amazing kids, Kimber is  7, Jeanlouse is 2  and Jack is 2 months . I have been playing Paintball since I was 16, Currently I am sponsored by Dye Paintball and CK Fightlife on an all-female team, Grrl on Grrl out of Fairfield Ca.
     This sport is my life.  Because I have played for so many years I bring knowledge and experience to our local field that it has not had in a long time.  It is my Personal Goal to ensure that every one who steps on to my field has the time of their life. With a great experience and an adventure that will bring you back wanting more Paintball.